Ecology Ottawa is volunteer-driven. We exist because hundreds of volunteers come together and make us what we are.

After submitting this webform you will be redirected to our current volunteer opportunities. 

After reviewing the current opportunities, send an e-mail to the team lead with the name of the volunteer role in the subject line. 

By submitting the following webform I agree to serve as a volunteer for Ecology Ottawa and agree to the following confidentiality and general volunteer agreements:

I am aware that this is an unsalaried volunteer contribution on my part. I will do my best to provide a schedule of available times I can volunteer and to respect the time commitments I make to Ecology Ottawa. I will provide quality services to the best of my knowledge and ability. I will refer requests for information or services which I am not specifically trained or able to provide to appropriate Ecology Ottawa members. I agree to bring any problems that may arise in the course of my volunteering directly to a staff member for resolution. I understand that I must have authorization from Ecology Ottawa to speak on behalf of the organization or identify myself with the organization. I agree to maintain a sound state of mind during the time in which I represent Ecology Ottawa and its initiatives. I agree that I will not use my association with Ecology Ottawa for political gain, nor will I promote my personal or political beliefs and activities through Ecology Ottawa’s email lists, groups or networks. I agree to treat all individuals without prejudice or discrimination of any kind, and I can expect the same treatment from Ecology Ottawa’s volunteers and staff members. I agree to provide services in a non-judgmental manner, without regard to sexual orientation, gender, race, physical capabilities, educational level, political opinion or income. 

I further agree to keep confidential all data from Ecology Ottawa including outreach canvass, names, contact information and credit card information. I understand that all information I access as an Ecology Ottawa volunteer belongs solely to Ecology Ottawa. I will not sell, trade, or give away this information, and understand that to do so would be illegal under the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (Division 1).


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