Conduct an Active Transportation Audit

What is an Active Transportation Audit?

In an active transportation audit, a group of volunteers with a range of physical abilities and age walk around their community on a predetermined route to identify obstacles to walking, biking, and wheelchair use.

Active transportation audits are a key tool that can be used in any community, whether one is organizing around the municipal election, the budget, or specific streets in your neighbourhood. They can be used to immediately engage with your city councillor and the broader community to showcase the work that needs to be done, and to begin the discussion of how it will be completed.


What goes into an Active Transportation Audit?

An active transportation audit should produce a comprehensive list of positive and negative observations for specific streets and what actions should be taken to rectify problem areas. The actions can further be broken into what the community determines to be short-term and long-term recommendations for improving walkability, cycling, public transit, and wheelchair use in their area.

Audit Tool Kit

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