Can a doughnut save Ottawa?

Erik Pervin
Cet événements a déjà eu lieu.

Find out how to create human prosperity in the 21st century by meeting the needs of all people within a living planet.  Doughnut Economics, a concept originated by Kate Raworth, consists of two concentric rings: a social foundation to ensure that no one is missing out on life’s essentials, and an ecological ceiling ensuring we protect the Earth. These concentric rings form the doughnut – a space where humanity can thrive.   While drawn at a global scale, cities are downscaling the doughnut to meet their needs.


Doughnut Economics is already being implemented in Amsterdam for post-COVID-19 recovery. Copenhagen, Brussels, Portland and Philadelphia are all engaging with the Doughnut. Should Ottawa be next? Yes.


It’s time for Ottawa city council to change the way it plans. As Ottawa builds its next Official Plan, Doughnut Economics could lead the way to a thriving city that respects the wellbeing of its people and the planet. 

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Ecology Ottawa and Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) thank all our generous co-sponsors who made this event possible:

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